Steve Nishimoto

Steve Nishimoto’s practice focuses primarily on painting, exceeding the traditional boundaries of the medium by incorporating unconventional materials and establishing direct relations with other disciplines such as photography, graphic design and print processes. Usually working in large-scale formats, Nishimoto often juxtaposes different itineraries and pictorial propositions within a single canvas, and concomitantly creates diverse bodies of works that negotiate themselves in prospected networks of both divergent and correlating forms. The material complexities that result from such heterogeneous strategies seek to broaden the discursive expectations of what is widely considered to be a conventional medium. Nishimoto also reaches out directly to this appropriated spectrum of artistic mediums, exploring pure photography and design in straightforward forms in order to create a horizontal plane from which his artistic practice as a whole unfolds.


Born in Chicago, IL, Steve Nishimoto is a 4th generation American Japanese artist who received his BFA from the American Academy of Art in 2004. He has presented solo exhibitions at Pablo’s Birthday in the LES of New York, and Musem of America Books in Brooklyn. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in group exhibitions including LARM Gallery in Copenhagen, Fifi Projects in Mexico and more.

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