Rolando Benedusi

After an education process oriented to the Economic science and a working career through Export environments of companies situated in his hometown, he decided to focus his energies on pictorial and literary arts, due to extreme life experiences made in London, Osaka and Sidney which drove him to a deep level of consciousness. On 2018, his first Art exhibition named Unconscious glances and the publishing of the first book titled The cure of evil.
He creates his works of art using enamel varnishes on canvas, alternating between dripping and action painting.
Abolishing the use of sketches or intentional ideas, gives an expression to the content of the abstract coffer that every individuals hold in their own depth: the unconscious.
The creative process, therefore, results to be completely intuitive, impulsive, rough and effected only once he reached the perspective trance which predisposes himself to free the emotional inner flow.
To make all this possible is necessary to totally abandon the control of the self, in way to reach the mystic message beneath the surface of the canvas.
da aggiungere
-utilizzo delle mani per il processo creativo sulla tela
-occultismo pittorico
-antiarte. opere bruciate, contrapposizione tra inconscio (creazione del dipinto) e razionale (bruciare con la fiamma ossidrica) in cerca di equilibrio.
Prima crei e poi distruggi.
 Protesta a non riuscire ad andare oltre il concetto di arte. Contrapposizione tra momento irrazionale e razionale (effetti voluti con fiamma ossidrica)

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